Desnoyer Park

Saint Paul's Hidden Community

Let’s Build a Bridge

Neighbors from Desnoyer Park and St. Anthony park attended the “Let’s Build a Bridge” event at Desnoyer Park on Saturday, June 11th, 2016. A creative team from Leonardo’s Basement led the construction process, supplied the tools and the materials. All ages from the neighborhood participated in the building and decorating process. Below are images taken that day. Marita, from the DPIA led the organizing of this fun activity. Kids from Desnoyer park were the first to test it out.

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Design Day Photos

Here are some photos from part one (Saturday April 30th, 2016). These are models created for the Pelham Bridge over the freeway. The designs were led by the creative team of Leonardo’s Basement. This was a project for fun and will not have any influence on the actual design of the bridge.

betterBridges8 betterBridges6 betterBridges5
betterBridges4 betterBridges3 betterBridges2