Desnoyer Park

Saint Paul's Hidden Community

DPIA – Desnoyer Park Improvement Association

The Desnoyer Park Improvement Association was formed in 1931. “Our goal is to look out for the neighborhood’s interests, and contribute to projects that help make it a safe and healthy urban community.” The DPIA is a small, volunteer board without paid staff or permanent meeting facilities. We meet quarterly on the month at Town and Country Club from 7- 8:30 pm, located at 300 N Mississippi River Blvd in Saint Paul. 

Current DPIA Board Members:
David Tierney (Chair), Jessica Erickson (Vice Chair), Gregg Gridley (Past Chair, UPDC representative),  Kris Nagy (Secretary), Susan Rasmussen (Treasurer), Linda Van Egeren (Member)

Board Appointees:
DPIA Representative to Union Park District Council : Gregg Gridley

Upcoming Meetings:
The DPIA meets every 2-3 months depending on neighborhood activity. Contact if you are interested in joining the next meeting and we’ll send you the date. You don’t have to be on the board to join a meeting, just come and check it out or bring something you are interested in talking about.

Platted in 1887, the historic Desnoyer Park neighborhood lies between the Mississippi River Blvd., Marshall, Cretin, and St. Anthony Aves., and the Town and Country Club on Otis Ave. The Desnoyer Park neighborhood is part of the Union Park District in St. Paul.

We’re starting a Desnoyer Park email list. It’s important to the Desnoyer Park Improvement Association to find ways (we are working on this!) to better connect residents in hopes of fostering communication and collaboration around community interests. Do you want to become more involved in the neighborhood? Are you interested in starting a gardening, walking, or book club? Connect with other families that live in Desnoyer Park? Meet more neighbors? Maybe you have ideas to improve the playground or you want to volunteer to help maintain and improve general livability issues in our community. We want to hear from you!

“Like”the Desnoyer Park Facebook Page, for updates and to participate in online discussions about Desnoyer Park happenings.

Interested in Joining the DPIA Board?
New board members serve on the board starting in October of the year. Board terms are 2 or 4 years. If you’re interested, Email DPIA Board

Donate to the DPIA:
Residents of the Desnoyer Park neighborhood are encouraged to contribute annual membership dues to the Desnoyer Park Improvement Association. The suggested amount is $15 a year. To contribute, click here for Credit Card Payment or make your check out to “DPIA”. You can drop off or mail your check to:
Susan Rasmussen
DPIA Treasurer
567 Cromwell Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104