Desnoyer Park

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Desnoyer Park History

Down load this PDF document to read about the history of the neighborhood.

Neighborhood Radio Station

MPR At the corner of St. Anthony Avenue and Frontenac Place, 611 Frontenac is a building and Radio Tower. The building is unlabeled aside from the address but it is said that Prairie Home Productions, producer of the Minnesota Public Radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” was located here until recent years. MPR is still using it today to produce other shows.

Expanding the Greenway across to Desnoyer Park?

greenway4 Expanding the Greenway across to Desnoyer Park could spark our area. How a bike path in an old railroad trench sparked $200 million in residential development in the heart of Minneapolis. And what still needs to be done.
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Meeker Island and the new Meeker Island Dog Park

Dog Park

Dog Park

One of our neighborhood great places,
Meeker Island and the new Meeker Island Dog Park.

Location: 471 Mississippi River Blvd N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Amenities: Benches, Dog Park, and Hiking Trail

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Red River Ox-Cart Trail Heritage Flower Garden

oxcartd Over the past decade, this triangular lot at St. Anthony and Raymond Avenue in St. Paul went from a city-mowed blandness to a beautiful flower garden with benches and paths, all through the time and talent and care of Master Gardener Karen Wargo and it continues on today supported by neighborhood volunteers. Read More..

More photos on instagram.

Please email Susan Rasmussen for more information or to volunteer to maintain the garden.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

motord Neighbohood residents, Susan Nemitz and John Curry own the home at 458 Otis Ave. in St. Paul, where Robert and Nancy Pirsig lived when Robert and son Chris embarked on a 1968 motorcycle trip from St. Paul to San Francisco. Their journey became the framework for Pirsig’s revered book, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”

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