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2020 Annual Fall Membership DPIA Meeting

Tuesday Oct. 27th, 7pm – Zoom Mtg

We Welcome all neighbors to the Fall membership meeting that will take place via zoom this year due to COVID-19. You don’t have to be on the board or want to be on the board to attend any of our meetings, but especially this one! It’s just for neighbors who would like to voice ideas for how DPIA can improve the neighborhood. 

We would also love for some new neighbors to join the DPIA board this Fall for the 2021 term. The board meets 4-5 times per year. Typically on a Tuesday evening at 7pm for about 1-1.5 hours maximum. We have met via Zoom since COVID-19, but otherwise meet in person at the Town and Country Club. DPIA is in charge of the annual picnic, fundraising for the ice rink, Bingo & Burritos this year, Desnoyer Park T-shirts and Hats, park programming and improvement, etc. We are always open to new ideas from neighbors.

At this meeting we WILL:
1) elect the DPIA board for 2021 – if you are interested in a board position for 2021, please email and let us know ahead of time. There are no prerequisites other than being a resident or business in Desnoyer Park. Current board information is HERE.
2) gather input from neighbors as to what they would like to see from dpia in 2021
3) review any issues brought forward by neighbors
4) gather ideas from neighbors and board members for projects/events in 2021 so we can apply for funding. hopefully 2021 will look more eventful than 2020 did.

THE ZOOM LINK TO JOIN THE MEETING WILL BE POSTED here in this box at 6:30p on the evening of the meeting and remain here until the meeting ends.

At the corner of Pelham Boulevard and Doane Avenue, you’ll find what our neighborhood was named after – Desnoyer Park.


The neighborhood has approximately 300 households and some 1,000 residents. Platted in 1887, the historic Desnoyer Park neighborhood lies between the Mississippi River Blvd., Marshall, Cretin, and St. Anthony Aves., and the Town and Country Club on Otis Ave. The Desnoyer Park neighborhood is part of the Union Park District in St. Paul.


Desnoyer Park Improvement Association or DPIA, is a membership organization which has been working to better the Desnoyer Park neighborhood for over 50 years. 


  • Check out and like our Facebook page.
  • Join Next Door for Desnoyer Park. A neighborhood social website.
  • Desnoyer Park reservations, contact: Merriam Park Recreation Center or call (651) 298-5766
  • Residents of the Desnoyer Park neighborhood are encouraged to contribute to the DPIA.
  • DPIA Halloween Parade at the Park – Saturday Oct 31st at 3:30pm. See info and register HERE.

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